About Us

Whistlewood Custom Woodworking and Design has been in business since 1994. We are located in the beautiful and historic town of Perth, Ontario, just a short drive from the nation’s capital, Ottawa. In the past, we have concentrated our efforts on designing and producing fine custom cabinets, mantles, furniture, and more, for our discerning clients. Moving forward, we’re scaling down operations somewhat, and concentrating on smaller projects, while enjoying more time out of the shop.

Interior of Whistlewood Custom Woodworking
Shop Interior

Our attention to detail and the professional yet interactive relationship we develop with our clients, sets us apart from the rest. And we maintain that relationship from the beginning of the project, to completion.

We don’t rely on computer aided design (CAD) for our drawings. We prefer and value the individuality of hand-drawn designs for all of our pieces. It literally assures us and our clients that their project will truly be theirs.


photo of owner Jeff Collver
Jeff Collver

Whistlewood founder and craftsman Jeff Collver is at the heart of the business and has a passion for creative and unique woodworking.  It is his fascination for the history of architecture and subsequent architectural styles that have inspired him to produce these amazing works of wooden art.Artistic at heart, Jeff cannot settle for the mundane. As such, he continuously strives to add a touch of uniqueness in all of his pieces.

Jeff is on a continual journey of growth and evolution.  His hope is to create pieces that will leave a legacy of continual joy to those who own one and perhaps even a few of his stunning pieces.

Jeff is an honours graduate of a two year Heritage Carpentry Program where he focused on bringing the eye and craftsmanship of the past to current day needs.  As such, Jeff is committed to building high quality and creative pieces not unlike his predecessors from the past.


Absolutely perfection

I received it and it is absolutely perfection. I cannot thank you enough, she loves it! It couldn't be better!

Maria, Ohio

We love our candle holder!

Jeff, j'ai adoré le chandelier que ma fille m'a donné comme cadeau pour mon anniversaire. Il est superbe sur le manteau de la cheminer. De toute beauté! Il est tellement élégant et bien fait! Le choix des différents bois sont superbes. In other words, we love our candle holder!!!

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